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Now was the time to take all the core brand work and put it into action with a campaign that not only launched the new branding, but solved several challenges the brand faced : needing to stand out in a sea of well-known brands, launching a relatively unknown product and term "mandu" in the U.S., and building a reputation while distribution was still in the process of gearing up.

Our solution? Drive awareness through a 360 integrated campaign with a targeted trial activation that was made available in cities saturated with our key target, the Culturally Curious consumer. 

We elevated the appetite appeal and new brand storyline rooted in a culturally rich story of sharing with video content created to be used across various platform needs including a 30-second broadcast, 6-second sequential bumpers and a series of 15-second vignettes for OLV.


And, we put our mandu where our consumer mouths were––disrupting a socially distanced world with an invitation to connect again. By partnering with PostMates we invited our key target in 6 major cities to share free mandu product and recipe kits with someone they wished they could mandu with in person.

CCO : Suzanna Bierwirth

Creative Director : Kat Tushim

Writer : Sue Vering 

Photographer/Director : Dan Goldberg

Editor : Simon Reinert

Bibigo Mandu Launch

Bibigo Mandu Launch

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