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Hi. I’m Kat. I’m known for building strong brands with through-the-line touch points, eye-catching visuals and relatable storytelling. For the last few years I’ve spent most of my time overseeing design and brand-building teams in defining and expressing a brand’s story. A lot of this work is focused on crafting identity, brand campaigns and activations. In addition to creating distinct brands I’m also known to run complex library-building sets where the perfect blend of storytelling and problem solving leads to a rich, cohesive and satisfying body of work. Outside of the office I work with True Chicago in pursuing the equity and development of the next generation of creatives in Chicago. I am open to collaborating on creative projects of all kinds––so let's connect and make something together.

Award-winning, brand-building & through the line Creative Director. 

Board Member for True Chicago–supporting diverse & equitable development of young creatives.

Marketing Consultant & Illustrator for feminist theatre, Artemisia.

Freelance Illustrator & Brand-Builder.
Bilingual : American Sign Language


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